Car Performance Meter Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Android App Review: Mobile Performance Meter

A really quick review of the Mobile Performance Meter application for Android. If you liked this video or any of my other videos, be sure to subscribe to my ...

DigiHUD Android App - Get HUD on your Car in 5 seconds!

Here's a quick review of the DigiHUD app, which I thought would be cool to show you while I was stuck in traffic. (Please don't try this while driving unless you ...

Car 0-100km/h acceleration meter. Android application.

Meter your car 0-100km/h or 0-60mp/h acceleration time using your Android phone. Follow "How to?" application instructions to see how to use it. Pedal to the ...

Torque App for Android. See your car data

Using the Torque App for Android, see all of the Data your car reads with OBDII. Also reads and clears fault codes. See HP, Torque, Speed, Accel, Fuel data etc.

Review ELM327 OBDII Bluetooth Adapter with Torque Android App Demo test - Dealextreme DX

Quick review OBD2 ELM327 Bluetooth Software Can-Bus Scanner Tool - Dealextreme - free shipping DX link -

Earn money for doing literally nothing: Mobile Performance Meter tutorial

Install Mobile Performance Meter on your Android phone to earn money for doing literally nothing. This app monitors your signal strength for research use and ...

VBOX Sport and Performance Test iPhone App Review

In this episode we're testing the new Racelogic VBOX Sport performance meter and it's companion Performance Test app for the Apple iPhone and iPad.

5 Coolest Must-Have Car Accessories

Get amazon special coupon code: 1.HUDWAY Glass: There are some more modern cars that comes with a ...

G-Meter Demo/Test/Review, RaceLogic, Serres-Thessaloniki

A G-Meter demo and assessment/review of the RaceLogic Performance Box This test is specifically about the G-Meter option on the performance box.

Torque Android App Review & OBDII Bluetooth Adapter

A cool gadget if you're a car fan. This one should do the trick - Check our site for more info on this. Follow ...

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